"The vision, the execution, the success."


Speak to George and the energy within him and love of his job are instantly apparent. He lives and breathes his horses. It is an infectious passion and rubs off on those around him.

It means that every horse under his care gets the same level of attention in the desire to produce winners. To George and his team, every winner is to be celebrated. It’s the best feeling – that unique thrill provided by all the team’s efforts coming together in a fulfilling moment on the racecourse.

For those with a direct interest in a horse – whether they’re an owner, work-rider or stable groom – it’s a feeling to be cherished. That’s why George and his team work so hard every day – because they know the reward is something special.

High standards within George Scott Racing are expected – and set – by the boss himself. But the work-rate is accompanied by the requirement for there also to be fun in an equal measure. For racing is a unique sport in which humour and a sense of freedom combine with dedication and single-minded ambition. It’s why having direct involvement in a racing stable is so special.

The overarching aims: success and enjoyment.