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I was pleased to read the piece by Kate Tracey in the Racing Post yesterday, highlighting the abuse on social media her boyfriend Ciaran Gethings had received following a ride at Hereford earlier this week. I fully accept that sportsmen and in this case jockeys, are in the public eye and therefore, quite rightly will always be open to praise but also criticism.

However, criticism and out right abuse are two completely separate things and it’s an obvious point to make that with the access now available to these people through social media, its becoming increasingly easy and even seemingly acceptable to publicly abuse professional sportsmen.

I understand that it’s very hard to police, but as a society and racing in particular we must together take every necessary step to ensure the abuse does not happen. I would urge you to either make a point of standing up against such people or report them to an authority that has the power to take direct action. Social media is one of the our greatest allies for so many reasons. However, it also acts as a breeding ground for people to hurl disguising abuse without ever facing the consequences of their words. Call them out.



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