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It was very much the theme at last week’s Goffs Orby sale that the international contingent were out in force purchasing yearlings. With the pound being so weak in the money markets, it was amazing how few English based agents and trainers were buying horses. I flew back with a number of other trainers who all remarked they could not remember a sale where so few trainers actually purchased horses.

With the quality of stock increasing again for Tattersalls Book 1 there are sure to be some fireworks in the ring next week. The Book 1 bonus will also keep the middle to lower end supported with 10 of the bonus races going to horses that cost £100,000 or less this season. Effectively win one of these races and your owner has paid his training fees for the year. Admittedly this is not relevant to many of the leading buyers in the book however, it can be a tasty incentive to middle man.

I go into Tattersalls with a few orders to fill, to what level the market will decide. Between Alex Elliott and I we'll see every horse in the sale. It's one of my favourite times of the year and I'm thoroughly looking forward to getting stuck in.

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