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After a gruelling couple of weeks, I would like to begin by thanking all of my staff for their efforts. They have been riding out in sub-zero temperatures, often in snow and sleet with a smile on their faces.

I’m pleased to report an increase in the temperature this week has seen an increase in tempo here at Saffron House.

Over the winter we have had very few runners and as a result I am looking forward to having a busy Spring.

Tomorrow morning sees a return to the grass gallops for many of our stable stars, I will be on tenterhooks as they complete their first pieces of work after having well deserved winter breaks.

Among those will be James Garfield, Another Batt and Gilgamesh who will all look to start their campaigns in April. I have been pleased with their progress and very much hope they can complete their preparations before the start of their 2018 campaigns.

Keir Hardie makes his belated debut tomorrow at Wolverhampton; he’s a big horse who will benefit hugely from the experience. Dillie Dallie, Starboy, Graffitista, Sigrid Nansen and Holy Tiber are all horses which you can expect to see on the track during the next few weeks.

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